F - You are born a liar and a thief.

Episode 747 – For goodness sakes, we're talking about Padma here.

Good morning, hostiles. Welcome to the last week of Friendly Hostility. :) It has been a lot of fun, and I will more than likely get all sentimental about it through the week. You have been warned.

But hey, before you go for that, let me also announce that Other People's Business has begun over at otherpeoplesbusiness.net. That would be the new comic that'll be running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from now on. Again, you can find that over at http://www.otherpeoplesbusiness.net, and updates about that will be posted on otherpeoplesbiz.


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F - You are born a liar and a thief.

Delay in End of FH / Start of OPB

Good morning, hostiles. You may notice the lack of comic today. Thanks to my webmaster for posting a notice.

My laptop broke. Actually, the bit that connects to the power cord just snapped on the inside, so the laptop was fine, but all it had was thirty minutes of battery power to go on, so I had to get that fixed. It was still under warranty, but it left me laptopless and without the ability to scan comics or pretty them up in photoshop.

So, a week's delay for the end of FH and the start of OPB. I am really sorry about this, and also pretty frustrated about it, but it's really the only option at the moment.