May 20th, 2009

F - You are born a liar and a thief.

Episode 732 – Like a teen girl getting a corsage.

It's Wednesday! And I have no idea when during my day-long conference I'll get time to post this. I'll find it somehow. As I write this, it is 9:20 pm and I am frying bacon. Because I need bacon for the Devil's Cookies, that's why.

Episode 732
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[ For those who are wondering about the cookies, it is now 10:30, the cookies are out, and they are pretty darn good. When you're sprinkling the salt on, though, I'd err in the direction of more rather than less. I'd also err in the direction of a few more extra strips of bacon. Also, do not underestimate the richness of the cookies. I did, and now at 10:50, I am paying for it with a thirst nothing can quench.]

[Morning after: Damn those cookies. My gallbladder hurts.]