Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in friendlyhostile,

Episode 735 – A river in Egypt.

Good morning, hostiles. This is the real episode 735 – not like that fake episode 735. The comic was uploaded yesterday, but yesterday was too harried to let me actually get to a computer, believe it or not – or rather, the computer wasn't the problem, but finding an internet connection was.

Episode 735

:: There we are. Derringer and Fox go to a little lunchbox café. And Derringer, Derringer disapproves.
:: Well, at least Fox has some sort of plan.
:: Poor Fox. Sticking your fingers in your ear and going "la la la" is not a good tactic to take when faced with relationship issues.
:: I am terribly fond of Fox's mathematically unsound chart.
:: As mentioned before, Leslie does not feel that way about Paolo. Two perky young people attached to him are enough and occasionally seem like two too many; he's not about to add to that. Derringer will just have to live with it.
:: Since today's comic was supposed to go up Monday, the comic that was supposed to go up today will go up on Friday, and there will be no filler this week.

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