Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in friendlyhostile,

Episode 738 – Reflections

Good morning, hostiles.

Episode 738

:: In case you missed it, here's what happened: this comic was labeled "June 1" because if I hadn't started the filler-on-Fridays policy, that's when this comic would've gone up. I did instate the Filler Fridays, though, which meant this one was supposed to be moved to June 10. I forgot to do that, though, and it went up on June 1. I left it up, opting instead to remove the filler Friday that week and simply re-run the comic when it was appropriate...which is today.
:: The Sunshine Cafe, where Fox and Anne have met, is based off a little differently-named place close to work where my coworkers and I meet up for lunch or the requisite drinks-after-work. While the service is occasionally less-than-stellar, they have a capital strawberry lemonade and very nice desserts, and an absolutely delicious brunch menu.

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