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Filler Friday – Oh, hell, now what?

Good morning, hostiles. On Wednesday night, I made and ruined one of the recipes scheduled to appear today, much as it says on the comic.

Filler Friday

:: Uh, that's a drawing of myself. Funny story, my hair used to be straight, then it became distressingly frizzy, then I moved to an area of freakishly high humidity and now I have loosely curly hair.
:: The list is "Songs I Am Currently Digging" and not "Songs [X character] is currently digging" because none of the characters in FH would like all of those songs, sort of the way I don't like all of the stuff on their lists.
:: In our universe, the show is "1000 Ways To Die." In Fox's universe, however, there's an additional way to die. It involves tentacles. It's unpleasant.
:: Bootsie's book list features a mystery with a protagonist she is very fond of, a travel book that I didn't like so much but that I think she'd love, and Wuthering Heights, which I couldn't really get through but that is on her list of books she'll read at least once a year.
:: Collin's head was drawn at midnight, when I was half asleep. That's my excuse.
:: And here is the menu for next week:
On Monday, an unusual relationship is given voice.
On Wednesday, the Mexicans return to Arath's home, and bring with them a surprise.
On Friday, Fox participates in a moustache contest. The ladies do not appreciate it.

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