Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in friendlyhostile,

Episode 739 – At least he admits it?

Good morning, my dear little hostiles.

Episode 739

:: Outside, it's probably drizzly.
:: If you had to imagine a song playing in the background, I'd suggest Juana Molina's "Salvese Quien Pueda." And probably playing early on sunny weekend mornings in the future when they're lying together in such a way after a big breakfast, because Anne's okay with making breakfast, but her price is that Arath wash the dishes and snuggle afterward. Arath does what he must.
:: And that's how we close on Arath and Anne's story. Maybe they'll be platonic friends with an almost co-dependent relationship. Maybe it'll progress into an actual relationship at some point. Maybe they'll never define what they have and simply be content to have it. Either way, at least for now, Anne is honestly, truly content, and despite the look on his face, Arath has a similar feeling.
:: I say we're closing on Anne and Arath, but really, they'll show up in the next two comics, as well.
:: Not counting filler material, there are less than ten comics left. Eep.

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