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Episode 741 – Just something to think about.

Good morning, dearest hostiles. My apologies for leaving you on your own this Friday, but I was traveling and it was just a small filler material bit.

:: For today's semi-introspective and (in my humble opinion) absolutely unfunny episode, I advise a musical accompaniment of Flogging Molly's "If I Ever Leave This World Alive."
:: It's okay, sometimes this happens when you end comics. There are parts that just aren't funny. It is what it is. This Wednesday makes up for it.
:: Back to the comic itself. Ah, Anne. The past was unkind, but luckily, it has passed.
:: Chuy needs to stop being so damn proud about his nasal capacities.
:: Fer's actually serious, to a point. No literal coathangers, of course, but two years ago, if she'd been pregnant, she wouldn't have gone through with it. That said, given that Fer is pretty practical, there is no way this pregnancy was an accident. She and Chuy, brace yourselves, planned this.
:: Panel three breaks my heart because I wish Fox would just look at Collin. Maybe things would click in Fox's brain, then, if he would at least notice. By the same token, Collin might want to say something instead of thinking he's tried too often and just giving up.
:: Collin, for his part, is fixating on "we're not who we were two years ago." Indeed. Meanwhile, Fox is quietly nodding and agreeing with the speech and thinking "Yeah, that's what me and Collin have." Desperate denial.
:: Traumatized Arath for the win. Aw, that's the last panel Arath appears in and he's horrified. That's somehow appropriate, isn't it? Actually, no, that's a lie; he and Anne are in the filler material for this Friday.
:: I also forgot to do the preview. Ahem.
On Monday, I ruin a beautiful moment and so does Anne. That was today, though, so, moving right along.
On Wednesday, we play dress up.
On Friday, we have a what-happened-after story starring Anne and Arath.
And next Monday, we have the reappearance of Greer, Kitty's mom.

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