Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in friendlyhostile,

Episode 742 – When you're not around

Good morning, hostiles. Happy Wednesday to you.

:: This comic was actually the first one I thought of when I realized I was ending FH. It has been in my backpack for a hell of a long time waiting to be inked.

:: Panel one: look how far the triffid has come from that teeny tiny thing Charlotte left along with a kitten so her dad would focus on another living thing and quit drinking. Now it walks on its own and terrorizes hobos as much as Leslie does.

I figure triffids probably need a significant amount of same-species interaction, so Charlotte probably has given Leslie the number of a triffid owner's group. Leslie hesitated, but Charlotte told him it was absolutely necessary for Baby Girl's development, so he eventually caved. Yes, Leslie refers to the triffid as Baby Girl. Anyway, the triffid owners are for the most part eccentrics and scientists, and I'm sure Leslie felt out of place. Eventually, though, he met Mike at the group meetings, Mike being another (mostly) normal guy who had been given a triffid as a gift from his mad botanist son. Mike and Leslie get on like a house on fire, and both have avoided the group meetings ever since, preferring instead to go to the park, drink beer, and let their triffids run around with each other.

See, this is the sort of stuff I couldn't throw into the comic, so you get it now instead.

:: Panels two and three are less successful than I wanted them to be. That's Leslie peering into the window he just walked by in panel one.

:: But panel four is a win, isn't it? :D I think so, anyway.

:: Actually, it may war with the last panel for my favorite, as well. I mean, Paolo in a US Civil War outfit? I can't help it, I love it.

:: Last night I inked the last FH comic, set to come out on July 17. I think my heart broke. I'm sorry, I know I keep mentioning "oh, I'm going to miss this comic!" sorts of things here, but jeez. It's really over for me now. I openly admit I sniffled. I hope you guys enjoyed it even half as much as I did.

Finally, let me announce the presence of otherpeoplesbiz, which is going to be for Other People's Business what friendlyhostile is to FH. Since the comic is due out very soon, we're going to have a countdown to when it premieres. Each day will feature a drawing or some sort of bonus preview material.

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