Stan (crotalus_atrox) wrote in friendlyhostile,

Episode 747 – For goodness sakes, we're talking about Padma here.

Good morning, hostiles. Welcome to the last week of Friendly Hostility. :) It has been a lot of fun, and I will more than likely get all sentimental about it through the week. You have been warned.

But hey, before you go for that, let me also announce that Other People's Business has begun over at That would be the new comic that'll be running Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from now on. Again, you can find that over at, and updates about that will be posted on otherpeoplesbiz.

:: I think I mentioned that the song I think about with this comic is Willie Nelson's cover of Georgia on My Mind. It seems appropriate both for Owen and Fatima in Alaska, and for the Maharassas and the new love of their lives.
:: In a way, I think it's sweet that Fatima knows that her brother wants to have kids. And he does. I think Fox really wants to have a nice, moderate sized family one day. He'd be really happy to be a dad.
:: Haha. I love how happy the Maharassas are with their new companion.
:: You know how in the Pixar film Up, collars are created that allow dogs to speak? I wouldn't be surprised if Padma came up with something like that as well. The puppy is both an experiment and an outlet for his affection.
:: And that is it for today!

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